Peace and Security 2020 Summer Virtual Internship

Peace and Security 2020 Summer Virtual Internship 

Eirene is offering senior undergraduate and graduates students an online internship opportunity. This year the internship will focus on State of Emergency and Crisis Management in the Maghreb and Sahel.

The online internship will be composed of five main sections:

I-Reading assignments. 

II-Three webinars. 

III-Two writing assignments: Risk Assessments / and Interventions.

IV-One Online Group Work Assignment: Global Impact of COVID19 and Post COVID19.

V-Skype supervision.

The internship is a combination of theory and practice. Trainees will be equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge. The trainees will be working with experts from the Maghreb and Sahel who have been closely involved, lived and worked in state of emergencies, insecurities, epidemics and the spread of violent extremism.  


-Students eligible to apply are typically specialising in social sciences such as: (International Relations, Political Science, International Development, History, Economics, and Law, Peace Studies, Conflict Resolutions…..)

-You must be a senior undergraduate student or enrolled in a master or recently graduated.

-No work experience is required.

-English proficiency is a requirement.

Please note: We encourage local and international Students from the five continents to apply.

Duration: 40 Days

Starting Date: May 5, 2020

Location: Eirene Online Program, Morocco.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

Eirene commits to EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) policies. We hire on the basis of your ability to perform a job, rather than discriminated against on the basis of factors such as race, colour, age, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, religion, marital status, or mental or physical disability

Application Process:

Send your CV and cover letter to before April 20, 2020.

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